The Costume pathway is about realising the Costume Design process: using creative procurement of costumes  to build a supportive and effective costume environment for  interacting with designers, directors,  performers and fellow technicians.

In each year, you will develop  skills in;

Costume research, selecting, hiring, buying, alterations, production wardrobe,  textile maintenance and enhancement, dyeing, budgeting, scheduling, script breakdown and health & safety.

The Costume Team

Costume Designer – is responsible for the interpretation of the director’s vision and the needs of the script and performers’ characterisation. You will be able to work with freelance professional Costume Designers, developing the skill of realising their designs.

Costume Supervisor– the right-hand of the Costume Designer. This is a Third Year student role and involves developing skills in Costume realisation, communication, team-work, scheduling, time management, administration, budgeting and costume procurement. The Supervisor also oversees the running of costumes during the production.

Costume Assistants– this is a role you can begin to experience at the end of your first year, then develop greater costume skills in your second year when you will be involved in the preproduction procurement of costumes, become key dressers, responsible for costumes during the production run.


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