Intro to Stage Management 2017

It’s the start of a new year for students at Guildhall.

On Tuesday, we had an introduction to Stage Management session with all first year Technical Theatre students. We had some great group discussions on the roles within Stage Management teams and their responsibilities, as well as learning where everyone’s most interesting place to visit was – one student said their most interesting place to visit was bed!

Then we played some games based on communication and teamwork. You can see the results of one of the games in the photos – being shown some props for 15 seconds and then having to draw the tray from memory.

Happy new year to all students!



Associated Studies – Summer Term

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It’s the beginning of the summer term at Guildhall, and for our first years that means Associated Studies. This is where all the first year technical theatre students have an opportunity to choose another area of hands on study. Students can choose from Scenic Construction, Scenic Art, Automation, Electrics, Lighting Design, Sound, Digital Video Editing, Production Management, and, of course, Stage Management and Costume Supervision.

Mascherato – Colaberative Project

During the Easter break of term, Four Stage Management students from the First and Second years took part in a collaborative project entitled Mascherato, which was staged in our Milton Court Theatre space. Here are some pictures from the project.

First Year Trips

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Last week on Monday the 20th March, the full 1st year TTA course visited Glyndebourne Opera House in Lewes, West Sussex. They were all taken on a full backstage tour of the Venue and were given a talk on the origin of the opera house, and on the yearly repertoire Glyndebourne season. They were also given a tour to all of their making departments, which include full bespoke costume tailoring, wig making, and prop making, which all happens on site up to a year in advance of a production. They were also given a tour of the Rehearsal Spaces and of the full Country House Grounds.

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This week, on Tuesday the 28th March the 1st year Stage Management Students were taken on a backstage tour of the Royal Albert Hall, where they were also given a full backstage tour, which included a visit to departments such as programming, catering, marketing, and most excitingly the suspended wire grid which sits 45m above the Auditorium. Each of the students were given the opportunity to walk out onto the grid and see the Hall as very few get to. They were also taken into the roof, which is assembled as a single piece that sits atop the building, weighing 617 Tonnes.

Tale of Januarie – Props Spread

Last week, the Tale of January Stage Management team held their Props Spread, which is a chance for all the creative team to view each prop acquired for a production. This is the meeting where every prop will be finalized and any additional notes about the Props will be given for the Stage Management team to work on.

Associated Studies

We are a week into February and it feels like the Christmas break was months ago as we’re SO BUSY here at Guildhall. We have just had two productions open in repertoire in the Milton Court Studio Theatre, one production is in technical rehearsals in the Milton Court Theatre, and an Opera going into Stage Rehearsals next week, so it’s all go!

Our first year Stage Management Students have been busy too. In the first two weeks of term they completed their Associated Studies module, which is where all the first year technical theatre students have an opportunity to choose another area of hands on study. Some of the Stage Management students studied Automation, Scenic Art, Costume and Theatre Technology; and we had students from different pathways come and learn what Stage Management is all about. Have a look and see what they got up to…

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A fun couple of weeks for everyone. 1st year Students will also so another 2 weeks of associated studies in the Summer Term.


Cueing to Music

Last week some of the First year Stage Management Students began their Cueing to Music classes. For some, this was the first time they had ever used a prompt desk. See below for pictures of group B getting stuck into cueing “The Barber of Seville.”


Natasha Holdaway


Tamsin Youngson


May Howard-Shingeno


Elliott Head-Lee




Chloë Siller


Mia Neilsen


Elliott Head-Lee


May Howard-Shingeno